PvdA Maastricht
Campaign Spot 2018

Live Action
2D Graphics
Motion Design

Crafted for the 2018 municipal election in Maastricht, this campaign spot was designed for party leader Manon Fokke of Pvda Maastricht. The goal was to create a video that felt genuine, sincere, and natural, allowing Manon to come across as open and approachable.
Through careful direction and storytelling, the spot aimed to resonate with viewers and convey the party’s message effectively. Capturing the essence of Maastricht and Pvda Maastricht’s vision and values, the video served as a powerful tool to connect with voters and inspire action to vote.


Year 2018
Client PvdA Maastricht
Skills Adobe Premiere/Adobe After Effects
Categories Video


Filming, editing and motion graphics: 4Foot8 Studio