PvdA “Ombudscommissie” Explainer

2D Animation

This explainer animation, styled in the branding of the PvdA party, was created to elucidate the establishment of the Municipality Ombuds-Commission for Care & Welfare. In January 2015, the government transferred responsibility for Youth Care, Special Health Care, and the Participation Act to the municipalities. Despite the seriousness of the commission’s role, the animation maintains a light and easy style, reflecting the PvdA’s approachability and accessibility. Questions and complaints regarding the new implementations of the Maastricht Council can be directed to the Ombuds-Commission, where they will be addressed and investigated.


Year 2015
Client PvdA Maastricht
Skills Adobe Illustrator, After Effects
Categories Motion Graphics, Animation


Illustrations, designs and animation: 4Foot8