Mosa Stage Launch Movie

3D Animation
Motion Design
Launch Movie

4Foot8 was asked to create the launch movie for the introduction of Mosa Tiles’ new tile series “Mosa Stage”. The new tile series consists of a range of 9 colours and can support any spatial concept by underlining an interior gently and confidently while allowing space for life to unfold organically. These characteristics make the tiles well-suited for multifunctional interiors. This tile collection is the perfect platform for any function; without stealing the spotlight from the action.

Inspired by minimal theatre stages and 3D product displays, our movie “Stage” unfolds by creating a visual symphony of design possibilities from small to large areas. The movie starts with a spotlight on a painting of Mosa Stage Tiles. As the spotlight intensifies, witness the canvas evolving into an abstract retail shop, echoing the message: “A stage surface is a platform for life.” We explore the versatile nature of Mosa Stage by seamlessly transitioning from small retail spaces to expansive department stores. The tiles scale up to an airport terminal showcasing the collection’s adaptability to diverse environments with low or high traffic. 

By producing the film in full CG, there was great freedom in being able to combine a photo-real look of the tiles in abstracted environments to visualize that the Mosa Stage tile collection is highly suitable for a wide range of projects.

Mosa Stage Gif
Mosa Stage Airport
Mosa Stage Clothing Store
Mosa Stage Tiles Gif
Mosa Stage Tiles Flipping
Mosa Stag Tiles Gif
Mosa Stage Tiles Restaurant
Mosa Stage Storyboard


Year 2022
Client Mosa
Skills Cinema 4D/Adobe After Effects/Adobe Audition
Categories Launch Movie Animation


Design & Animation: 4Foot8 Studio