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A 3D motion design product launch for customizable table lamps.

In this case study, we explored the endless possibilities of using 3D animation to introduce customizable table lamps to the market, highlighting the advantages it brings to product launches.

Traditional product photography presented challenges such as location scouting, hiring staff for set design, and managing shooting sessions. By choosing 3D visualization, these obstacles were eliminated. No longer bound by physical constraints, we had the freedom to create dynamic, fun and customizable scenes with ease.

In this project, we showcased the versatility of customizable table lamps, mirroring the flexibility of 3D scenes. Each lamp is as unique as the setups we created, allowing for endless customization options to meet the needs and preferences of our client. Through this case study, we demonstrated also how 3D visualization offered greater flexibility, efficiency, and control in a product launch. By harnessing the power of 3D animation, we tried to elevate the brand and captivate its audiences.

Using Maxon Cinema 4D as a primary tool, Redshift for rendering and Adobe After Effects for compositing. The sound design was done in Adobe Audition with some Splice loops.

Customised Lamps
Customised Lamps
Customised Lamps Shades
Customised Lamps
Customised Lamps
Customised Lamps
Customised Lamps
Customised Lamps Gif
Customised Lamps Purple Lamp
Customised Lamps interior
Customised Lamps interior
Customized Lamps Interior


Year 2024
Client Customized Lamps
Skills Cinema 4D/Adobe After Effects/Adobe Audition
Categories 3D Product Launch Movie Animation


Design & Animation: 4Foot8 Studio